I began looking at NES HEALTH and bioenergetics to help my son who was diagnosed 9 years ago with schizophrenia at the age of twenty-one. We had gone the route of conventional psychiatric drug treatment, but no drugs would still his mind. As we both began working with a Certified NES Practitioner, I felt very positive changes in my energy, outlook and health issues. Early on I felt a desire to be a practitioner myself and help others. My first thought was, no way, you can’t do that! With my new sunny outlook, I stilled those fears, stayed open and cautiously went forward delving into the ins and outs of bioenergetics and NES Health in particular. I became a Christian in my early thirties, became a member at Livingston Ca. in 1996 and what I have found is my life experiences have helped me to be able to relate to many different kinds of people. As I tried to keep the fears squelched, I began to realize the NES system and I have something valuable to give to people. Eventually I became a practitioner and have completed the NES Certification Course, Foundational Training in Tampa Florida, Advanced Training in San Antonio Texas and Bi-weekly ongoing training.

Bioenergetics is the study of energy in living systems. As I heard that I realized that conventionally we compartmentalize illness- when we have emotional issues we look to the mind and with physical issues we look at organs and hormones etc. It immediately made sense to me that in our body all parts of the system influence each other.

NES Health was founded by a scientist named Peter Fraser and Harry Massey. Harry was in his twenties and had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for eight years in which he had been bedridden for five of them. They were able to develop a method to scan a person and identify energy blockages and distortions in the body. They developed infoceuticals which send correct operating instructions to the identified areas, the blockages and distortions get corrected, energy begins flowing well again, cells can properly communicate, and the body can do what it was intended to do- heal itself.

In his 30 years of research Professor Fraser recognized that our organs and tissues etc. each work off specific frequencies. Over a period of time he was able to identify the frequencies for each one and map the human body accordingly. Meanwhile, scientists who were studying the properties of water were able to encode frequencies into structured water. Infoceuticals are structured water with encoded frequencies. As a distortion is identified then the infoceutical with the proper frequency is given, the body recognizes its proper operating instructions and corrections begin to be made. I was very impressed with the fact that the infoceuticals remove the blockages and stimulate our body to heal itself! Because the scan takes into account and brings energy to the whole body it helps to correct any illness by energetically correcting distortions.

When a person places their hand on a scanner (a little larger than a computer mouse) their body field is checked against a perfect body field.
The areas identified are:
1. Is the person able to bring in and store energy
2. What is the strength of the organs and systems
3. Energy flow throughout the body’s organs and systems
4. Tissue groups that show fungus and bacteria distortions
5. Learning difficulties
6. How well our body is handling environmental toxins and EMF exposures
7. How well our body is handling emotional stress

One other area that I have found infoceuticals to help in with clients and my son and self-included is in processing life issues, present or past. A change in energy or an illness can be triggered by an event or condition we were unable to process. If the inability to process it lingers then it can manifest into low energy, illness or not feeling yourself. For myself this was a factor and I feel so different!
If a person is interested in having a scan done, I can work with them locally (using my scanner) or remotely by having them purchase a scanner, download it on their computer and when they scan the results are sent directly to me. We then have a session where we both bring it up on our computers, I go over the scan results and the recommended infoceutical protocol. A protocol usually consists of five infoceuticals which last about five weeks. The process of getting ill generally happens over a period of months if not years and strengthening the body back to its healing potential is also a process. I understand weighing costs against physical and mental wellbeing, so I’m offering a special, check it out! Thanks for your time,
Trish Morgan
-Feel free to email me to set up an appointment for a FREE 15-minute
consultation, there is no obligation. I work with children too.
-Scanner (remote clients): $65 plus shipping. Scanner can be used for
as many people as you want.
-Scan and Consultation: $75
-Infoceuticals: $27 each plus shipping

*LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: 4 rounds of protocol treatment commitment (paid each session not in full) $150 a session plus shipping costs gets you a scan interpretation and consultation with 5 infoceuticals, scanner not included.