The Birth of Precision Cut Custom Metal Design.....
We started Precision Cut Custom Metal Design as a supplement to our construction business in the spring of 2012. Times were tuff with gas prices out the roof and new construction and remodeling not the first thing on most peoples minds. We needed something to help out in the slow times.
Vincent has always loved to work with metal and when one of his friends told him about Plasma Cam he right away ordered the kit to see what it was all about. We talked about it, prayed about it and tried to figure a way to make it work with our tight budget and it seems that the pieces just fell into place!
We built and insulated a room in our shop and started getting all the things we needed to get the business going. From when we decided to go ahead with it till we were cutting the first piece was probably 6 months. Some of it was stressful but now that we have it going and are starting to see a return it is much more rewarding!!
We started our ETSY store to help get our name out as we don't see many walk ups where we live out in the country. So far it has been great working with the different people that have placed orders. Everyone is so nice and easy to work with. It is fun to make beautiful things for others and fun to hear them exclaim how much they love their new stuff. We have not done much shipping internationally but if you are interested in something please contact us and we can check on the price if we have your address. Thank You!!