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9,000 BTU Air-Con Everest (Hyper Heat) 38 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner/Heat Pump With Installation Kit-FREE SHIPPING!

USD $1,575.00 USD $1,399.00

Free Shipping!

Quiet, efficient, operation.

38 SEER in cooling, 15 HSPF in heating mode.

Keeps you cool & comfortable when it’s hot, for pennies.

7 yr. warranty on the compressor, 5 yr on parts30 days on remote control.

Easy on your electric bill! Save up to 50% or more on your heating & cooling costs.

Keeps you warm & comfortable, even when it is Zero degrees outside! (operates down to -22)

Easy to install! (Professional installation by a licensed HVAC professional is highly recommended, and is required for warranty to be honored.)



9,000 BTU Air Con Everest (Hyper Heat) 38 SEER Mini-Split Heat Pump/Air Conditioner With Installation Kit

Model# AVSCI/EM4H4R09

Easy to install. (Although we recommend hiring a licensed HVAC contractor, at least to install the refrigerant lines and pressure test and then vacuum them out. Not only so it’s done correctly, but so the manufacturer will honor the warranty, should the need arise.)

This system is meant to be installed by a HVAC technician. The Air-Con Everest Series ductless mini-split heat pump is the air comfort system you need to ensure your home stays cost effective, and comfortable all year. This system uses hyper-heat technology to ensure efficient and effective heating perormance when outdoor temperatures become bitterly cold. This high quality ductless heat pump is energy efficient, packed with great features, and priced to meet most household budgets. If you need targeted air comfort for a single zone in your home or need more general air conditioning, an Air-Con Everest Series ductless heat pump should be exactly what you’ve been searching for. After all, shouldn’t your home be comfortable all year long?

Installation kit included with 25 feet (7.5 meters) of insulated copper tubing, communication wire, PVC tape, drainage hose and wall sleeve.

Air-Con Everest Hyper Heat Brochure

Installation Manual

Owners Manual

Install video

Install Video-Wall Bracket


AHRI Certificate  (for rebate purposes)

Technical Specifications
Split-type DC-inverter
Sr No Parameter Unit Value
1 Model AVSCI/EM4H4R09
2 Product Code
Power Supply
Rated Voltage V 208/230
4 Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
5 Phases 1
6 Power Supply Mode Outdoor
7 Cooling Capacity W 2638
8 Cooling Capacity Btu/h 9000
9 Min. Cooling Capacity W 450
10 Min. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 1535
11 Max. Heating Capacity W 3800
12 Max. Heating Capacity Btu/h 12966
13 Heating Capacity W 2638
14 Heating Capacity Btu/h 9000
15 Min. Heating Capacity W 700
16 Min. Heating Capacity Btu/h 2388
17 Max. Heating Capacity W 4000
18 Max. Heating Capacity Btu/h 13648
19 Cooling Power Input W 540
20 Min. Cooling Power Input W 50
21 Max. Cooling Power Input W 1400
22 Heating Power Input W 590
23 Min. Heating Power Input W 200
24 Max. Heating Power Input W 1500
25 Cooling Current A 3.05
26 Heating Current A 3.15
27 Rated Power Input W 1500
28 Rated Current A 6.2
29 EER W/W 4.89
30 COP W/W 4.47
31 SEER W/W 38.00
32 HSPF W/W 15.00
33 Air Flow Volume m3/h 720/650/550/450/350
34 Dehumidifying Volume L/h 0.8
35 Application Area m2 12-18
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model AVSEM4H4R09
37 Fan Type Cross-flow
38 Fan Diameter Length(D×L) mm φ106×706
39 Cooling Speed r/min 1200/1100/1030/960/890/820/750/500
40 Heating Speed r/min 1300/1200/1120/1040/960/880/800
41 Fan Motor Power Output W 60
42 Fan Motor RLA A 0.09
43 Fan Motor Capacitor μF /
44 Heater Power Input W /
45 Evaporator Form Aluminum Fin-copper Tube
46 Evaporator Pipe Diameter mm φ7
47 Evaporator Row-fin Gap mm 2-1.4
48 Evaporator Coil Length (LXDXW) mm 715×25.4×304.8
49 Swing Motor Model MP35CJ、MP24HF
50 Swing Motor Power Output W 2.5、1.5
51 Fuse Current A 3.15
52 Set Temperature Range 16~30
53 Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 45/40/36/31/19
54 Sound Power Level dB (A) 55/50/46/41/29
55 Dimension (W×H×D) mm 970×300×225
56 Package Carton Dimension (L×W×H) mm 1017×366×285
57 Package Dimension (L×W×H) mm 1020×369×295
58 Net Weight kg 13.5
59 Gross Weight kg 16.5
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model AVSCI4H4R09
61 Compressor Trademark GREE
62 Compressor Manufacturer ZHUHAI LANDA COMPRESSOR CO., LTD
63 Compressor Model QXAT-B121zE070
64 Compressor Oil FV50S
65 Compressor Type Rotary
66 Compressor LRA. A 35
67 Compressor RLA A 6.9
68 Compressor Power Input W 1070
69 Compressor Overload Protector 1NT11L-6233/HPC115/95/KSD115℃
70 Fan Type Axial-flow
71 Fan Diameter mm 438
72 Fan Motor Speed rpm 800/500
73 Fan Motor Power Output W 30
74 Fan Motor RLA A 0.28
75 Fan Motor Capacitor μF /
76 Outdoor Unit Air Flow Volume m3/h 2400
77 Condenser Form Aluminum Fin-copper Tube
78 Condenser Pipe Diameter mm φ7
79 Condenser Rows-fin Gap mm 2.5-1.4
80 Condenser Coil Length (L×D×W) mm 763×57×550
81 Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Discharge Side MPa 4.3
82 Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Suction Side MPa 2.5
83 Maximum Allowable Pressure MPa 4.3
84 Cooling Operation Ambient Temperature Range -18~54
85 Heating Operation Ambient Temperature Range -30~24
86 Throttling Method Electron expansion valve
87 Defrosting Method Automatic Defrosting
88 Climate Type T1
89 Isolation I
90 Moisture Protection IPX4
91 Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 53
92 Sound Power Level dB (A) /
93 Dimension (W×H×D) mm 899×596×378
94 Dimension of Carton Box (L×W×H) mm 945×417×630
95 Dimension of Package(L×W×H) mm 948×420×645
96 Net Weight kg 45
97 Gross Weight kg 48
98 Refrigerant R410A
99 Refrigerant Charge kg 1.3
Connection Pipe
Length m 7.5
101 Gas Additional Charge g/m 20
102 Outer Diameter Liquid Pipe mm φ6
103 Outer Diameter Gas Pipe mm φ12
104 Max. Height Distance m 10
105 Max. Length Distance m 15
Loading Quantity
Loading Quantity
( 20’ Container )
unit 75
107 Loading Quantity
( 40’ Container )
unit 164
108 Loading Quantity
( 40’ High Cube Container )
unit 187
Air Condition Function
General Control Function
Auto YES
110 Cooling YES
111 Heating YES
112 Auxiliary Heating NO
113 Dehumidify YES
114 Sleep Three kinds of sleep curve
115 Sleep Modes Design
116 Timer YES
117 Auto Swing(Vertical Auto Swing) YES
118 Auto Swing(Horizontal Auto Swing) YES
119 Auto Swing(4-Dimension Swing)
120 Energy Saving YES
121 Air Flow YES
122 Memory YES
123 Auto Fan YES
124 8 Heating Mode YES
125 `-15 Cooling Mode
126 `-20 Heating Mode
127 Quiet Design YES
128 I Feel YES
129 Turbo Cooling YES
Function Related with PCB
Anion NO
131 Cold Plasma NO
132 High-Voltage Electrostatic Dedust NO
133 CO Detection NO
134 Oxygen Generator NO
135 Filter Dirty Alarm NO
136 Low Ambient Cooling YES
137 Low Ambient Heating YES
138 Soft Start YES
139 Low Voltage Startup YES
140 Compressor With Electric Heater YES
141 Chassis With Electric Heater
142 Intelligent Preheating YES
143 Dry Anti-Mildew Design YES
144 Intelligent Open-Close Panel NO
145 Self Diagnosis YES
Function Unrelated with PCB
Ventilation NO
147 Several Optional Filters (Active Carbon, Catechin, Anti-mildewElectrostatic DedustSilver Ion Sterilizing MaterialCold Catalyst Photocatalyst etc.) Optional
148 Quick ConnectorIntegral
149 Quick Connector Split NO
Display Mode
151 LCD Back Light YES
152 LED

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Refund Policy

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