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Elderberry Syrup Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need to make your own tasty elderberry syrup!  It can be used on pancakes, ice cream or just taken by the spoonful!

Included in the kit:

2/3 cup dried elderberries

1/4 cup dried ginger chunks

1 cinnamon stick

1 tsp. whole cloves


You will need to provide:

4 cups pure water

1 cup (raw) honey


Instructions for the kit:

Place all ingredients except honey in medium sized cooking pot.  Bring to a boil.  Cover and let simmer until reduced by about half.  This will take roughly 45 min.  In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful scents wafting through your kitchen.  When it has cooked,  remove from heat and let cool.  While it is still slightly warm, stir in honey.  Let cool completely and pour into jars.  I usually put it in two pint jars and freeze one of them.  This will last in your fridge for a couple weeks.  It will either get moldy, in which case it needs to be tossed; or it will ferment, in which case I continue to use it!   A shot of vodka can be added for preservational benefits.  This will make it last longer in your fridge.  This kit will make about a pint of syrup if the recipe is followed as written.

Use liberally on anything and everything!  Yogurt, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, by the spoonful!!

If you are wanting to use it to help boost the immune system, use daily.  It can be used hourly for helping boost the immune system when flus are going around.




Here is how my Prairie Garden parties work:

My goal is to bring fresh spices and teas to your door, but due to the sheer volume of keeping so many spices on hand and fresh, I didn’t think it was possible.  Someone mentioned doing a spice party, and after much thought and figuring I decided it just might work.  I am only getting started and learning, so please have patience with the process.  Here is how it will work:

These parties will be similar to Tupperware or 31 Bag parties.  I will be the consultant and another gal will be the hostess.  She will be the one getting the benefits from the party since we are at her “house”.  I will make a WhatsApp group and set a time for the party to begin.  We will chat and learn from each other.  A few recipes will be shared.  I will post a link to my shop where you can place your orders.  After everyone’s order is in, I will place the order with my supplier and usually within two weeks the spices will be in your hands.  Yes, that’s a while to wait, but if you are buying by the pound it is worth the wait.  You won’t need to order again for a good long while.  (Unless, like us, you eat a lot of tacos!!)

You are free to order spices any time you would like to, but I only put in a spice order every four to six weeks (or when someone books a party).  I do realize that this is not usually how online buying works, but in an effort to  keep spices fresh that is how I decided to try it.  As I learn what people want, I will begin stocking more to have on hand.  Everything on my shop that is marked as a Prairie Garden Party Product will not be immediately available.  I will give you a ballpark figure of when they will be available when you order.  You can also message me for more information.  (605) 860-9018  There may be the odd time when my supplier is out of a product, but that is rare.  If that happens, I will contact you and you can choose a different spice or I will refund you.  If you are looking for a certain spice, let me know.  My supplier most likely has it and I can add it to my shop.

My spices are all from an organic facility.  I cannot make any claims to that as I am not certified.  They are gluten free, sugar free, filler free, MSG free, dye free, and free of any preservatives or stabilizers.  This natural state does lead to more clumping, which is totally normal, and does not harm the spice.

Interested in hosting a party? Message me and I will give you a few details about how it works, and what the benefits are for you as the hostess!


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Shipping Policy

Orders will be processed in the order they are received. I use first class shipping. If you want something faster, let me know. I can ship priority for an added cost.


Refund Policy

Due to the nature of my product, I do not offer refunds. If you have a problem with something, contact me and I will do my best to fix it!

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