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Sore throat tamer

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This tea will tame the most sensitive throat!  The herbs in it are known to help soothe and coat your throat, making swallowing easier and helping you feel better while battling the colds and coughs of winter.

My experience:  My husband had strep throat and was complaining of the sore throat that goes along with it.  After a couple steaming mugs of this tea he said his throat was much better.  I woke with the same rough throat a few days later and drank the tea all day long.  My throat never did get very sore.  The flavor is very mild.

Caffeine free

Size:  Two ounces  ( similar to a pound of coffee.)

Steeping instructions:  1-2 tsp leaves to 8 oz. water (just under boiling).  Steep 5 minutes.  Add a dab of honey and stir with cinnamon stick.  The honey is medicinal, also, so don’t leave it out in this tea.  It is not only to sweeten.  Leaves can be reused a few times.  When it seems like they are losing flavor, it’s time for new ones.

Ingredients: Licorice root, Slippery elm, Marshmallow root, Wild cherry bark, Fennel, Sweet orange peel, Cinnamon stick.

Storage:  Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Please be advised that I am not a doctor.  These comments are not meant to diagnose or treat any illness you may have.  These are my own experiences.  Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Sourced through Starwest Botanicals

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1 review for Throat-Ease

  1. Mississippi Shopper

    It truly is a throat tamer! It taste much better then it smells! We steeped equal amounts of mint tea with it and it was delicious that way! My 9 year old enjoyed this tea during the time of her sore throat and cold!

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