Visions of Summer Glory

May 6, 2019

Have you ever felt like you had so many projects going it was like juggling oranges? Oh, we all have at times, I’m sure.

          Right now, I’m enjoying that heady experience of spring in the air. It’s so much more fun to walk the dog, and wouldn’t it be neat if I could run and skip and jump like I did–nope I’m not gonna say how many years ago.

          But there are other projects that grab a person’s attention. Today I am rejoicing because the wildflower seeds in the planter sprouted.

          Yes! It worked to plant them in March! Let’s see if they actually will shrug off the frosty nights!  

            Visions of hot summer glory spilling out of the planter fill me with anticipation. My life is so much like a garden but hopefully, it’s more organized than this!

                                               (They told me this was a free image so I’ll take their word for it.)

       My days are colorful, to say the least, and yours are too, wouldn’t you admit? What cheerful summer project are you pulling towards?

       I glance at the computer and think of the stories dancing in my head, but nah, not at this time of year. Some of the other ideas I have are almost as imaginative though. How ’bout making a lily pond where we used to grow potatoes and corn? Wouldn’t that be cool? (Quite literally if you fell in.)  And what about learning the Green Thumber’s art of propagating through taking cuttings? Imagine all the lilacs, roses, peonies and flowering crab apple trees that would magically appear around the lily pond!

         Don’t worry, I won’t feel bad if you are rolling your eyes. Maybe just maybe I am too, but hey, dreaming is fun. Let’s make something special happen this summer!

        And oh, by the way, when you want to take a break from one of your hot, sweaty projects you’ve been joyfully pursuing, make sure you have a tall glass of an icy cold drink on hand and…one of my books.  They’re found on this website:

Guess what! I found this unusual and charming free image on Pixabay.


P.S. I know someone else who has big dreams. She wants to see to it that Mary’s Diary gets published in the Philippine Islands!
Marilyn Friesen

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