About The Village




A Community of Hardworking Rural People Creating
and Selling Quality Handmade and Natural Products.

Our Mission Statement is comprised of a dream to bring this Community of talented hard working people together. As we are all in one place, we can all find each other and patronize each other and thus help each other grow our businesses. We encourage you tell your friends and family of the Business opportunities that are available in The Village and as we grow, we will all benefit.

The Village of Artisans was a sort of Brainstorm that hit Val early one morning on the way to work! She shared her Brainstorm with Moni and we started doing how Sisters can do! Discussing the Need in our Community for an online marketplace like “The Village”. Talking and Dreaming of where this COULD go and how awesome it would be to be able to find all the talented people in our Community in one place! There are those of you with creative talent that make and sell beautiful things and also those that sell unique useful things and then there’s all that practical stuff we are always looking for and needing! Sooo… with a lot of talking we got busy and got the ball rolling. And The Village of Artisans was born! We have many Dreams and Plans for it’s future and we welcome your ideas and comments to help us know where this Project should go to from here. Contact us and share them! and we hope to see you around “The Village”!