Happy Birthday to The Village!

Mar 25, 2019

Happy Birthday to The Village!

We here at The Village of Artisans are excited to announce our Annual SALEabration! It is starting April 1 and will continue all week until the 6th! There are many shops having great sales in honor of the 1st Birthday of The Village! Some are starting now and some are extending all month. The plan is to have an Annual SALEabration every first week of April to commemorate the launch.

We, at The Village, can hardly believe its been a whole year already! It has been a great year of lots of new things and we have grown alot and come a long way! We hope you can have fun shopping and find some great sales during our Birthday SALEabration!.

What will 2019 hold for The Village?!

Feb 2, 2019

I suppose that is the big Question! 🙂 Well as for us over here in the Admin Department, we have some new things up our sleeves! We hope to let you in on them here as soon as we have a time frame for when they will be rolling out! Just a little hint here though to keep you guessing… It will make it nicer and easier for you shoppers, more convenient for Shopkeepers, and all around better for the whole Village! We hope you will be as excited about them as we are! Remember if you have suggestions for us on things you would love to see new in The Village, please use the Contact Us Page to drop us a line. It can be Products you would like to see for sale, Features for shops or the whole Website, or something else, etc.

a bit on 2018….

To tell you the truth we have been so thrilled with how everyone has rallied around their friends and families and their small businesses! When we launched The Village of Artisans on April 1, 2018, it took off and grew faster than we ever dreamed it might! You all have been Fabulous!! And Thanks to you all, The Village is still growing with new shops and businesses still popping up! We were very impressed with how so many of you wonderful shoppers remembered your friends and their small businesses at Christmas Time and “Shopped Small”! The sales were beyond what we could have believed for the first Christmas Season for The Village!

Thanks for a great year! and we hope to keep seeing you around…

We hope you continue to come to The Village throughout 2019 to find those special quality one-of-a-kind items for sale here. And spread the word about Us to all of your friends, neighbors, family, the lady in the Checkout at Walmart, etc!

~ Valerie & Monica (The Village Admin)

Would You like to get The Village Updates?

Oct 5, 2018

Would you like to get notified by email when The Village has new features or a new SignBoard post?

Would you like to know which Shops have Sales going on that week/month and what coupon codes you can use for great discounts?

It’s super easy!!


Just Click this link and sign up!

Wish Lists…!

Well here are the “Wish Lists” quite a few of you have asked for!! Just in time for Christmas!!

You can now “Like” items by clicking the small heart in the top left corner of the item’s picture.

The items will be saved and listed under “Wish List” in your Account.

You can easily “Add to Cart” when you decide to buy the items in your Wish List.

You can also “Share” your wish list with your family for Christmas gift exchanges.


Enjoy! and continue to send us your requests under “Contact Us” for things that will help to make your shopping experience in The Village even more enjoyable!


Cool New Features…

Sep 24, 2018

Cool new Features that make it even more easy and fun to shop in The Village!

It is now even easier to find the shop you are looking for right from the main page! At the top of the Featured Vendors there now is a search box. You can start typing in the name of the Shop you are looking for and the shop will pop up.



Also at the bottom of the page, under the Featured Products there is a new button, “View All Products”. This button takes you to a page where you can see all the products for sale in The Village in order form Newest to Oldest. Check back often to see what all is new in The Village! We will randomly choose from a few newer products to use in the Featured Products on the Front page.



As always, we want to thank you for shopping in The Village and helping to support some small business!


Business Pages are Here!

Aug 27, 2018

We are so excited to announce the launching of




    You can now have a full page “Up Town” to advertise your business in The Village!  Take advantage of our great traffic and be discovered!!  Get your name out there and bring people to your own website or to your brick and mortar store!  What is included in a Business Page:

A large banner you can customize to introduce your business.
A large button with a link directly to your own website if you have one.
A bio section to write whatever you want; tell about special deals, explain how your products are made, or whatever your feel is important.
An infinite gallery of pictures with captions to introduce your products, menu’s, services, etc, the sky is the limit!
A pin in google maps to guide customers right to your doors.
A “contact us” section for potential customers to email you directly from your page in The Village.


We are offering this new feature for a special low price of only $15 a month!!

Better yet, subscribe for a year and get one month free!!

Click here to sign up today!