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Hello! I’m truly excited to offer this ENERGY4LIFE book. It explains in a very reader friendly way what factors within our control can make a difference to help us stay healthy. If we are currently ill the ENERGY4LIFE book takes us through what we need to do to support the body so it can mount a deep healing response to resolve the underlying reason we are ill.                                                                                                                                                                                              What I’ve learned is that God intended us to restore our body within the simple way of life He gave us. It’s caused me to appreciate Him more. My way of healing and recharging my body is simple which has pointed  me to appreciate the extreme complexity of God’s creation. He intends to give our body what it needs to heal if we will get out in nature, capture some sunlight, calm down our nervous system and more. Here’s a peek into what this book will cover:


Energy 4 Life is a fast-paced, mind-expanding journey that challenges common views on how the body works and lays out a new paradigm. It explains a literal battery in the body, how to charge it, and — critically — how to use its energy in more efficient and accurate ways.


In doing so, it shows how to feel abundant energy once more, restoring your quality of life and give you the freedom to once more engage with what you want out of life!


Here’s just a sample of the topics it covers in depth:


  • Why modern medicine isn’t all what it claims to be
  • Why nutrition is important … but still missing half the story in how the body works
  • Why loading up on antioxidant supplements may do more harm than good
  • Many ways to charge the body’s battery … and why each is important
  • Why it’s not enough to just talk about “energy” in the body
  • Why stress is NOT something to avoid (if it’s the right stress)
  • How the ancient “meridian” system of traditional Chinese medicine was largely confirmed by modern testing … but also needed updates
  • How electronic equipment affects the human body … and how that can be either good or bad
  • How water takes on a totally different structure in the body, and why its secrets may hold the key to health
  • A completely different way of assessing and supporting wellness … quickly and safely
  • A holistic way of understanding toxins, pathogens, and emotions in different stages of health and disease


This is just a glimpse of everything the book has to offer. So dive into this adventure, see how your mind shifts with its revelations, and discover new possibilities for restoring your own Energy 4 Life.

     To receive a free downloadable version just click the link below.

                                                                                Wishing You All Strength and Energy,

                                                                                                             Trish Morgan

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