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This Home Runs on Love and Coffee

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A 14 x 10 3/4″ handmade decorative sign that reads, “This house runs on love and coffee.” Perfect for hanging by your coffee bar, or your favorite coffee drinking location!


This beautiful piece of art, a perfectly sized hand made sign, is perfect for you if you love coffee. This sign is made with the quote “this house runs on love and coffee.” This sign makes me happy just looking at the sign. Perfect for uses such as; hanging in your kitchen, coffee bar, your favorite coffee drinking spot, giving as a gift, or even as decor for a small coffee shop or care, or even to give to your favorite coffee pal, this sign is a perfect way to show your love for coffee. 

This 14 x 10 3/4 inch sign is perfect for any room. This sign is carefully trimmed to size, sanded, and battered to give a rustic feel, and fit together. The dark stain brings out every perfect imperfection, and sanded spots are topped with a grey stain to highlight them, once again giving a rustic feel. The words are painted in cream, red, and navy, and displays a perfect sketch of a coffee cup, also navy and red. The sign is created with the end product, and a happy customer in mind, every time. If you are not perfectly happy with the colors pictured above, feel free to get chatting and we can come up with a product together that will be perfect! 


Because the wording is hand painted, please expect some minor flaws (I’m a perfectionist, so they truly are minor!!) As mentioned before, the wood I use is carefully chosen for a perfect sign, and the staining highlights the imperfections (knots, different grains) to make every sign unique. I feel it creates the “rustic” effects.

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Purchaser responsible for return shipping. Should an item arrive damaged, pease notify me and I'll help resolve the issue! **UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTIFIED PACKAGES ARE SENT VIA COUNTRY'S POSTAL SERVICE**


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Refund available within 30 business days, just contact me!

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 in


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