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Oolong Tea *Saffron & Sage Party Product*

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Let’s hear it for oolong tea!  This tea is an all around heath enhancer, and I, for one, don’t know where it has been all my life!!  It is halfway between a green and black tea, so it has the health benefits of both of those teas.  It’s all in the oxidization process.  Please don’t ask me to explain that without a bit of lead time so I can do some research.  Anyway, here is what it can do for you…

A cup of brewed tea has these nutrients in it: Fluoride. Manganese.  Potassium.  Sodium.  Magnesium.  Niacin.  Caffeine (I don’t think this is really a ‘nutrient’, but it does have 36mg per cup).

And as far as actually improving your health?  Gotcha covered! Oolong tea may help with diabetes, improving heart health, improving brain function, help protect against certain cancers, promote tooth and bone strength and help relieve the symptoms of eczema.  (The study I read about eczema said to drink one liter per day, in addition to your regular treatment.  After one month of this 63% of patients showed improvement.)

So, let’s talk about weight. Winter has a way of sneaking up on a person, doesn’t it?  I feel like I deserve all those hot, cozy drinks on long winter evenings.  Well, oolong tea may just be able to help you.  It has been proven to help burn calories.  You do need to get up off the couch and get moving, though.  Here are some tips I came across to help you get that weight moving.  *Drink a cup of oolong tea 30 minutes to and hour before your walk to help burn extra calories.  *Enjoy a cup of oolong tea in the afternoons to help stave off hunger and the need to put something in your mouth.  See how it works for you.  What do you have to lose?!


Are you a Trim Healthy Mama?  Then here is a recipe for you!  You can totally drink this even if you know nothing about THM.  It is surprisingly good.  I will admit to being quite skeptical when I drank it the first time.  This tastes a bit like chai tea, kinda spicy.

The Shrinker (from Trim Healthy Mama)

*A cup of strong oolong tea, cooled slightly (use 2 tea bags and steep for about five minutes.)

*1/4 tsp cinnamon

*pinch of cayenne pepper

*1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk

*2-3 doonks stevia or sweetener of choice (to taste)

*generous squirt of vanilla

*pinch celtic salt

Blend all together and pour over ice.  Enjoy and watch your waist shrink!


The taste of oolong tea is, apparently, a bit tricky.  I found that people can taste the same tea and think it tastes totally different.  Some say grassy (think green tea).  Some say sweet and floral (think herbal tea) and some say toasty (think breakfast).  What do I think it tastes like?  I think it tastes grassy and mild.  It doesn’t surprise you with anything overpowering and neither is it blah with no flavor.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

One more thing before you go.  How about giving a Milk Oolong a try?  This tea is delicious!  We love it!

Size: 4 oz or 1 lb

Instructions:  8 oz. simmering water (180* F)  1 tea bag  Steep 2-3 min.  Enjoy!

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