Gift Exchange Ideas!

Nov 18, 2020

Believe it or not, the holiday season is nearly here! Some of us have likely been discussing the gift question with our families. “Are we doing gifts this year?” “Shall we draw names?” “Or do a grab bag?” Should we have a theme?” I thought it would be fun to have a post on the topic! What is a favorite gift exchange idea you have done in the past? Or, what are you thinking of trying this year? Share your ideas with the rest of us if you would like!

4 thoughts on “Gift Exchange Ideas!

  1. We are doing gift boxes/blaskets. You can choose which you want and you can have a theme like coffee….baking….bath and body….ect….or just randomly place stuff in the box/basket. Its kinda fun for a change this year. We usually draw names.

  2. My family is doing a guys grab bag & girls grab bag. Theme is something warm. Eg: blanket, mittens, toques, gloves, scarves etc. $20

  3. I should’ve added to mine also….the men are doing a grab bag….think they are doing tools or coffee themes and the younger children….was only 5 of them….we let them draw names and they are doing books.

  4. This year we’re giving gifts as couples. One big gift for the one spouse and a small(er) gift for the other, or two decent sized gifts for both. There are 7 boys. The children are divided out amongst us. Our son gives a gift to his cousin his age and vice versa. Grandpa and Grandma give the children each something.

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